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Created 3-May-18
42 photos

Juniper Titmouse - Mt Charleston, NevadaCanyon Wren - Mt Charleston, NevadaSpotted Towhee - Mt. Charleston, NevadaCassin's Finch - Mt Charleston, NevadaCassin's Finch - Mt Charleston, NevadaChuckwalla - Valley of Fire, NevadaChuckwalla - Valley of Fire, NevadaPygmy Nuthatch - Mt Charleston, NevadaPygmy Nuthatch - Mt Charleston, NevadaID - Mt Charleston, NevadaWestern Tanager - Mt Charleston, NevadaCosta's Hummingbird - Mt. Charleston, NevadaGambel's Quail - Mt Charleston, NevadaPinyon Jay - Mt Charleston, NevadaAmerican Avocet - Henderson, NevadaEared Grebe - Henderson, NevadaCinnamon Teal - Henderson, NevadaAbert's Towhee - Henderson, NevadaAbert's Towhee - Henderson, NevadaLucy's Warbler - Corn Creek, Nevada

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